The Filmonik Easter Mini Kabaret

As sure as eggs is eggs, it’s time for the Filmonik Mini Kabaret.

17th - 20th of April @ Filmonik HQ, 3rd Floor, Federation House, Balloon Street, M60 0AF - £20 (includes food, coffee, etc. + entry to the screening).

Our first official Kabaret of 2014, and our first EVER Kabaret at Filmonik HQ is nearly upon us.

This will be a fully-fledged Kino Kabaret in a slightly condensed package. For four days, the lab at HQ is available as your editing suite, green-screen studio, kit prep & hire venue, lunch-hall, storyboard prep & pitch station, chillout space and more. It’s up to you to lay your hands on whatever and whoever’s available to make short films in time for the public screening on the 20th.

The production meeting on the 17th is your chance to announce the films you want to create. Then it’s time to seek assistance from the raw talent available on hand. The Kabaret is open to all artistic and filmmaking walks of life - actors, directors, sound techs, gaffers, camera ops, musicians, editors, animators and more. All are invited to come and get stuck in and work on as many films as you can handle in time for the public screening on the 20th.

Our previous mini Kabaret harboured some of the best films Filmonik’s ever seen. Now it’s time to rise to that challenge and tap HQ’s potential to facilitate something even better. Green-screens, giant blackboards and equipment will be available on-site. Food will be served daily and beds and sofas can be crashed on. The rest is up to you. Bring kit, bring creativity, but most importantly, bring yourselves to the Easter Mini Kabaret 2014.

Production meeting - 17/04 @ 10am.
Screening - 20/04 @ 7pm.

The official Mini Kabaret End-Slate is available here.


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Tickets for public screening only - £5 (on the door)

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Valentine’s Open Screening Review

Filmonik’s Open Screening and Valentine’s Challenge has been ticked off the list. The blind bow-boy has packed up his quiver and gone home. But not before punching holes in a few hearts, and inspiring some sweet movies.

Being both an Open Screening and a Challenge, the challenge was for anyone who wanted to spend three days making something especially for the open screening. This time there was only one proviso: To make a film about love - love, we decided, was challenge enough in itself:

Matt Spencer offered BUTTERFLIES, an uproarious black comedy of just how badly wrong a marriage proposal can go. Joe Simmons brought us A GHOST WITHIN THE MACHINE, an elegant and eloquent meditation on the meaning(s) of love, delivered by Joe Stacey and Pete Garvey. Pete directed and starred in AGONY & EXTACY, an unsettling depiction of violence, and the dark mood continued with WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN – Jenny Longworth and Joe Stacey’s visceral and disturbing reworking of an old Steve Balshaw script. COLD COMFORT, Steve’s second offering of the night, depicted a particularly cruel insight into passive-aggressive emotional entrapment.

Lightening the mood (a little), Kenneth James’ MY LOVE – a touching story of love, death, and all the bits inbetween – left nary a dry eye in the house. Kino-style “quickie” films came in the form of Chris Asteriou’s LOVERMAN, featuring Miroslav Andjelkovic’s post-Avengers cupid, while Andrew Cullimore’s forfeit film documented the reincarnated human-form of Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer…

Filmonik’s first open-mic screening at Filmonik HQ yielded some top local talent, and some from abroad to boot. Chris Cronin put every corner of the colour-wheel onscreen with the elegant dance-romance MOMENTS, providing a suitably joyful opener to the night’s proceedings. Aiden Belizaire brought along LATE BLOOMER a droll and delightful romantic comedy about a timid man trying to win the attention of the girl of his dreams, featuring comedic scene-stealer Pete Garvey. Natalie Kennedy introduced us to Doris, an elderly widow coping with bereavement, a neglectful son, and a lonely life, juxtaposed by a charming animated fable from Tommy Cowell, and an elegant music video from Chris Croft. Finally, Tim Limon spoke live(ish) from Korea to introduce an ever so sweet, 8mm-esque music-video of his own.

All in all, a night filled with love and laughter, hearts and flowers, romance and rotting corpses was had by all. Filmonik HQ’s screening events are running at full speed, with plenty more track to go. Next on the agenda: The Easter Kabaret. Watch this space for more details very soon.

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The Filmonik Open Screening, featuring the Valentine's Challenge!

Announcing February's Filmonik Open Screening, featuring the Valentine's Challenge!

February 16th, 7.30pm till Late - Filmonik HQ, 3rd Floor, New Art Spaces, Federation House, Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 0AF - £5 entry donation, free entry for Open Screening films

Manchester's open-mic film screening night takes on a romantic veneer, with challenges to boot.


This February 16th, take a break from the roses and restaurant-bookings and come join us at Filmonik HQ for our regular Open Screening film night. Films are picked from a hat, introduced by their creators, then screened for your consideration. None of the films we screen are pre-screened, pre-judged, or booked in formally. Anything can happen - expect the unexpected, but keep your fingers crossed for a rom-com or two.

If you would like to screen a film, head to the "Kino Kabaret & Screenings" page at for more information. Your film is your free pass to the screening. This is a hassle-free film screening event. We want as few obstacles as possible between your film and the projector, but take note of the open-screening rules and be sure to email us in advance and include the open-screening end-slate (via the event post at

Or, if you are feeling in a particularly romantic frame of mind, why not join us for...


7.30pm February 13th to 4.30pm February 16th - Filmonik HQ, 3rd Floor, New Art Spaces, Federation House, Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 0AF - £10 participant donation

The Filmmaking Challenge returns. Flex your romantic muscles and team up to create some suitably romantic movies, with only a few days to spare. In addition to the Valentine theme, there will be other essential requirements. These will not be announced until the evening of February the 13th. Which means no pre-preparation, absolutely no pre-recruiting, and no retro-fitting pre-made scripts into the challenge "mould"! Everything has to be created from scratch during the event before the screening on the 16th.

Challenge participants will have full access to Filmonik HQ, our new 800 square-metre studio space, right in the heart of the city. This is your daytime lab and work space for editing, rehearsals, or simply a chance to take a break on the sofas. The doors are open from 10am to 6pm.

Tickets for the Open Screening and the Filmmaking Challenge are available here now (link)

Remember to include the official end-slate after your film. Download here (link)

Filmonik HQ is part of Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces (NAS); an initiative to create dynamic project spaces for artists, artist collectives and artists development agencies. Making use of temporary vacant retail, office and light industrial units, NAS provides opportunities for emerging creatives to incubate their practices, produce work and showcase new art to local communities. Currently CG runs New Art Spaces in Leigh, Widnes, Salford and city centre Manchester.

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